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The Band: Marc Osborne, Vocal, Guitar / Tony Angier, Guitar, 12 String Guitar / Theresa Berens, Vocal / Jean-Jacques Gauer, 12 String Guitar, Guitar / Nick Zoullas, Harmonica / Sergio Franzi, Bass, Guitar / Frank-Olivier Hay, Piano, Organ.

Songs composed by Marc Osborne and Tony Angier, except « Seven Sad Sisters » and « Why Can’t You Hate Me », by Marc Osborne and Jean-Jacques Gauer, « Stay In Town », by Marc Osborne.

« HAND » seemed, at the time, like the perfect name for a rock band of young school friends. After all, we used hands to play our instruments, to ask questions in our classrooms, to turn the pages of our newspapers, novels and books of poetry, to hold the pens that wrote lyrics and notes, to drop the needle on the records we devoured, to express both gentle and angry feelings, to raise a glass to youth in full, extravagant bloom.

We were an amalgam of styles, temperaments and nationalities : North and South American, Swiss, African, Italian, Israeli, all of us blending our many sources into one swelling river of mongrel musical sound. We were polyglots, speaking myriad languages, among them English, French, German, Swiss German, Italian, Hebrew and Spanish.

We listened fervently to the world’s music, absorbed English and American Folk, American Country & Blues, European and American Pop, Samba and Rock & Roll, ran it all through the blender of our unique sensibilities and created a sound of our own. Most of us were untrained at our instruments, but we played skillfully and soulfully, at times breaking harmonic and rhythmic rules because we didn’t know any better, forging a musical identity that mirrored the variety we embodied.

The Band at Geneva Airport
The Band At Geneva Airport

Like the best bands we admired, we strove to sound like our musical heroes and succeeded only in sounding like ourselves. We were driven by our curiosity, our intuition and a basic trust in each other. And, somehow, what could have proven a chaotic mess of differences became a symbiotic whole.

 » Everybody’s Own » is a record that still manages to sound fresh, forty years since its 1972 release, and while it is most certainly the product of its time, it also sounds out of time, seeming to reflect certain musical trends of its day without ever succumbing to them.

Part of its magic may be due to the fact that it exists alone, without a follow-up to disappoint or alter its impression upon the listener.

Its persistence over so many years, its rarity, its virtual unavailability in the marketplace in the original vinyl, have helped to develop its mystique. The wonder is that, upon listening to Hand’s songs, it does not disappoint.

Hand’s singular musical masterwork is currently available in all formats, and will soon be restored to its vinyl format  through the good graces and collaboration of Evasion Records, who originally recorded and released « Everybody’s Own » in 1972, and Golden Pavilion Records, which is currently preparing a limited edition re-release for September of 2012.      Marc Osborne, May 1st 2012

Everybody’s Own

1. The Load

2. Leaves

3. Time Will Change Your Season

4. Chubby’s Song

5. Levy’s Lullaby

6. Shifting Lead

7. I Drive

8. Who

9. Dying Ground

10. Seven Sad Sisters

11. Autumn Calling

12. Everybody’s Own

Marc Osborne

1. Stay In Town

2. Why Can’t You Hate Me